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When it comes to your horse, you want to ensure they are receiving only the best care available. But when applying those generic flea and tick control products to your petís fur or mane, or bathing them with that name brand shampoo, do you really know what harmful chemicals you may be subjecting them to? Mad About Organics strives to eliminate all uncertainty when it comes to your horse's care. With premium holistic horse and pet supplies made in beautiful Eugene, Oregon, the guessing game is over.

All of Mad About Organics products are formulated with the highest quality ingredients which are certified organic and completely natural. With Mad About Organics' organic, holistic pet supplies, you will never find any parabens, artificial fragrances or dyes, animal ingredients, by-products or any other chemicals that may be detrimental to your animalís heath. With extensive research and a sheer passion for safe, eco-friendly pet care, Mad About Organics has finally developed green alternatives for you and your horses. So go ahead, throw out those plastic gloves. These products are safe for you, your pets and the environment!

All of Mad About Organics products are made in beautiful Eugene, OR and packaged in recyclable plastic bottles.

Mad About Organics Horse products include:

Horse Fly Shampoo

When it comes to your horse there is no better choice than Mad About Organics shampoo. They guarantee that even one bathing, and you will be a customer for life. Works great as an everyday cleansing shampoo to help bring back that wonderful show ring shine.

For best results, combo this shampoo with our unique Insect Relief Spray.

All of Mad About Organics' shampoos are pH balanced and will not strip their natural oils.

Extensive research has been done only choosing the most effective essential oils to help aid with many types of insects. Mad About Organics designed each one of their products out of love for their own animals and they know you will love them as much as they do.

All of their products are safe for animals as young as 4 weeks of age and can also be used on pregnant females without any worry.

All of their products are extraordinarily mild, hypoallergenic, and free of petroleum or animal by-products. There are no chemical detergents, synthetic fragrances or added colors to any of these formulas. They are safe for animals as young as 4 weeks of age and can also be used on pregnant females.

Mad About Organics does not engage in harmful animal testing, but washed a lot of horses after coming up with this shampoo.

Available in 16 oz bottles

Horse Insect Relief Spray

The majority of insect sprays on the market designed for fly control for horses are full of toxins. Insects are not fun to deal with, which is why Mad About Organics developed this wonderful organic insect relief spray.

It was their goal to develop a product that was not only safe and natural, but effective as well. With extensive research and trial and error, they have developed a show winner.

When a horse is bothered by insects, they will not perform at their top level. We know when showing your horse, every little advantage can help. Keep your horse happy, calm and focused on that blue ribbon with this unique insect relief spray.

With the special blend of ingredients used, this spray is sweat resistant, works as a natural sun screen and is great for those fair skinned animals.

There is no better choice on the market, which is why we are so excited to offer it to you today. Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Available in 32 oz spray bottles and 1 gallon refill bottles

Horse Moisturizing Conditioner

Knowing how hard it can be to keep their mane and tail looking their best, Mad About Organics designed this conditioner to help heal damaged manes and tails, as well as speed up overall grooming time.

This is truly an amazing conditioner that will leave your horses hair silky smooth and manageable.

Mad About Organics chose a special blend of essential oils that replenish much needed moisture, while bringing back any lost of shine.

This conditioner is the answer to your horse's bad hair days, and also helps contain any frizzy hair.

Available in a 16 oz bottle

Horse Moisturizing Shampoo

Since horses are outside in the elements most of their lives, they need special care to keep them healthy and looking their best.

Mad About Organics developed this shampoo to do just that, choosing a special blend of essential oils to help replenish much needed moisture which improves the health of your horses hair dramatically.

This is a wonderful shampoo for dry winter months when your horses skin can become dried out and flaky.

Available in a 16 oz bottle

Horse Rejuvenate Shampoo

When your horse's muscles and joints get sore, you want to help them re-coupe as fast as you can. This is why Mad About Organics created a one of a kind rejuvenating shampoo.

A very specific blend of essential oils was chosen that offers all of the healing benefits needed to soothe muscles and joints. You will not find a better shampoo with such healing abilities.

This shampoo is a wonderful reward to your horse after a long trail ride or workout in the arena, or for those older horses that just need a little extra loving care.

Available in a 16 oz bottle

Horse Skin Relief Healing Treatment

"Miracle in a bottle" is the best way to describe this product!

Mad About Organics products are developed for a variety of therapeutic, animal health skin care issues using all natural organic ingredients. They are cruelty-free, biodegradable, contain no dyes, nor animal-by-products and are environmentally sensitive.

Their unique formula does more than just stop symptoms... it actually eliminates the problem in days instead of weeks! Their organic horse Skin Relief formula penetrates deep into skin tissue where fungus lies to reach below the skin's surface to eliminate fungi and bacteria that cause rain rot, mud fever, ring worm, horse fungus, dog fungus, warts and much more.

It has been observed that itchy skin, chewing, constant licking and allergies in horses have become more common than ever before. Like us, animals get bit, stung, have allergic reactions to insects or many other irritants, or even get sunburned. Excessive licking, chewing and scratching can lead to open sores, setting your horse up for a skin infection. Mad About Organics horse skin relief formula aids in all of these situations.

Mad About Organics Skin Relief is the answer to all your horses itching, scratching, allergy related needs. Stop the unnecessary biting, scratching and licking the All Natural Way. Since the development of Mad About Organics' Skin Relief, horse owners have found the special blend of ingredients to be the answer to their horse's and other livestock skin and coat needs.

Available in a 4 oz bottle

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