Advanced Cetyl M® for Dogs
Joint Action Formula
with Cetyl Myristoleate and Glucosamine HCL

Serious Help for your Dog's Joint Problems

Advanced Cetyl M Joint Action Formula is a proprietary blend of uniquely balanced ingredients, carefully designed for greater relief from painful joints, faster recovery times and superior performance in young and old animals alike.

Advanced Cetyl M Joint Action Formula features cetyl myristoleate — a powerful new nutraceutical for superior joint relief and performance—in unique combination with other proven joint health ingredients. This revolutionary, one-of-a-kind formula has led to dramatic results—and given a new lease on life to thousands of horses and dogs that have suffered from joint pain.

The Secret of Cetyl Myristoleate
In 1962, Harry W. Diehl, working as a researcher at the National Institute of Health as well as in his own home laboratory, was searching for a cure for arthritis. He injected Swiss Albino Mice with Mycobacterium Butyricum to induce arthritis in order test a drug, but none of them showed any symptoms. In working with the Swiss Albino mice, he came to isolate the factor - Cetyl Myristoleate - as the means which naturally protected them from arthritis. Even after this break through, Diehl could find no companies interested in doing further work on Cetyl Myristoleate. The fact that it only exists naturally meant that it could no be patented and therefore companies stood to gain nothing by becoming involved in its development.

In late 1991 when he experienced arthritis in his hands, knees, and heels, he mixed up Cetyl Myristoleate for himself and successfully relieved his arthritis. In the November 1993 Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, the first article was written about the amazing effects of Cetyl Myristoleate.

Advanced Cetyl M® Joint Action Formula for Dogs includes two sources of cetyl myristoleate—including our vegetable source extracted from the African kombo nut (wild nutmeg). We’ve combined this plant-derived source of cetyl myristoleate with the beef-derived form (dogs love beef!) to create a unique dual source of cetyl myristoleate in our targeted joint action formula. Cetyl Myristoleate works in three ways with no sign harmful side effects:

  • A "super lubricant" - helps muscles move more smoothly over bones, bursas and other muscles
  • A fatty acid - works on the inflammatory processes
  • An immune system modulator - assists in treating immune diseases. Acting directly against the immune system's T-cells that cause arthritis, Cetyl Myristoleate reprograms the cells which are sending the signal for macrophage cells to attack joints. Once corrected, pain and inflammation are relieved.

  • The Combination of Cetyl Myristoleate and Glucosamine HCL and our unique blend makes Advanced Cetyl M very effective at helping relieve joint problems in your dog.

    • Advanced Cetyl M
    • helps to diminish pain and stiffness by aiding in the treatment and prevention of arthritis and other joint problems. The Cetyl Myristoleate in
    • Advanced Cetyl M
    • works in three ways: It lubricates the joints, lesens inflammation, and works as an immune system modulator, assisting in treating immune diseases by adjusting the signal from the cells in the immune system, causing the attacks in the body. Once Cetyl Myristoleate has shown its effects, the Glucosamine HCL in
    • Advanced Cetyl M can get ahead of the problem and help the body heal eroded and damaged cartilage.

    A Unique Joint Formula Working
    in Harmony to Help Relieve
    Your Dog's Joint Problems

    Also available in horse and human formulas!

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