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Canine and Feline Raw Foods

Good Nutrition and Good Health are available for your pets without mess or inconvenience

Oma's Pride® -- a complete line of pre-prepared raw food products made expressly for those feeding raw diets to their pets.  With  fresh-frozen ground meat/bone products, you provide the love, while they provide:

...Fresh quick blanched then flash frozen vegetables - this process breaks down the extremely hard to digest  initial cellulose layer, kills any bacteria, salmonella and also allows the animal to absorb the maximum of nutrients.

  • Oma's Pride Mixes (Chicken, Turkey, Beef and Lamb) are made with USDA inspected meats -- these are the same meats we sell for human consumption

  • The convenience and safety of ground meat/bone

  • The variety of meats (chicken, turkey, beef, lamb, buffalo, venison, ostrich, rabbit, duck, kangaroo, and salmon) that insure your pet will receive the full spectrum of nutrients it needs

  • Easy-to-use "mixes" that contain ground meat/bone, ground organ meats and ground vegetables.

Among a full line of many varieties of raw, meaty bones including chicken necks, turkey necks, chicken backs among many, many more, Oma's Pride line of mixes (as mentioned above) are a meat source plus a vegetable, ground up and ready to feed.

The ingredients and ingredient ratios in the mixes are:
Poultry:      70% meat/bone
                  10% organ meats (liver/hearts/gizzards)
                  20% vegetables  chicken-(butternut squash/broccoli/kale) turkey- (green been, yellow squash ,okra)

Beef:          70% Ground beef / bone
                  10% organ meats (heart/liver/kidney)
                   20% vegetables (butternut squash/broccoli/kale)

Lamb:         80% meat/bone
                   20% vegetables (zucchini, olewo carrots, parsley)

Due to the sheer quantity of items available, we have specific items in stock and are very good at taking special orders for what we don't have on hand.   Contact us to find out about what we currently have in stock as well as pricing and availablity in your area.

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