Tasman's Natural Bison Rawhide®
All Natural American Bison
Hypoallergenic Chews

There's enough Beef Rawhide out there, but why don't you give your dog something really unique!

Tasman's Natural Rawhide Chews are made from top quality, American bison and we're sure that your canine friend will absolutely love them. They're hypoallerginc and tested free of harmful chemicals and are free of homrones and antibiotics. Why don't you give them the best?

Currently, Tasman's Natural Bison Rawhide is available in the follow shapes:

Your traditional knotted bone, but with premium American Bison. From 4" to 18", regular or basted in a mouth-water chicken-flavored basting your dog will love you for, you can find the perfect knotted-end bison rawhide bone.

A very popular item, for those who don't want to give their dog rawhide with the large knots on the end. Ranging from 4" to 18", and with or without the nummy chicken-basting, you will find the right roll for your dog, and natural bison too!

A unique gnawing treat for your furry little buddy. Twisted and then hardened, this is available in 5-6" with large or small twists, in chicken flavor or original.

Bagels & Rings
These rawhide chews really "ring" true! Your dog can't resist the flavor or the challenge of these circular bison rawhide treats. Available in 2 sizes in the original flavor.

Who can resist giving their dog something called "Buffalo Chips?" These, smaller bison rawhide chips are a bit more managable for smaller dogs or for a quicker treat. Available in 3 oz, 1 lb bags, regular and chicken-flavored.

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